MLA25 2Z

Max Ø 25mm

In Line Wire Finishing Machine

2 stations

Special machine for wire finishing up to Ø25mm.


MLA25 2Z is a two abrasive belt stations machine which enables in-line finishing of wire.This wire grinding machine has the ML Planetary System which enables a perfect and linear finishing on all the surface of the wire directly from wire coils.


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wire finishing machine
In line wire finishing
In line wire finishing

This machine can work directly from wire coils as well as being conected with breaking and bending descalers.

Minimum vibration
Minimum vibration

The ML Planetary System makes the abrasive belts rotate around the wire. Since the belts embraces the wire, it reduces the vibration.

Wet cooling system
Wet cooling system

Reduces the temperature of the wires during the finishing operation. The water system enables a cleaner and dust free environment.

Fast abrasive belt replacement
Fast abrasive belt replacement

Tool free replacement system enables the exchange of the abrasive belts within less than two minutes.



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