Table 3100mm

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Metal sheets or welded structures weld grinding and finishing.


LMD3100 is a long belt finishing machine with higher flexibility on the work of flat surfaces as well as corners or edges of materials.

A wider table of 3100mm with double goose neck (200mm) on the sides enables now the work of higher dimensions.

An even more flexible abrasive belt and more adaptable and ergonomic grinding tools working in counter weight system enable now the work in a wider variety of shapes either for finishing or weld removing.

This machine is ideal for irregular shapes polishing as well as for weld removing. The flexible and adjustable table is useful when, because of the big dimension of the materials to be worked, you cannot move the piece.

With LMD3100 you move the table by motor and use the adaptability of the long belt together with several grinding tools in order to work the areas you need.


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Long Belt Finishing Machines - LMD3100
Flat finishing tool
Flat finishing tool

Flat finishing tool designed in counter weight system.

Long Belt Finishing Machine - LMD3100)
Contact roller
Contact roller

Contact roller assembled in counter-weight system and with width adaptability to irregular surfaces.

Long Belt Finishing Machines - LMD3100
Differentiated tension
Differentiated tension

Abrasive belt tension is made mechanically or pneumatically. The pneumatic option enables different levels of belt tensioning.

Long Belt Finishing Machines - LMD3100
Boxes and welded structures belt finishing
Boxes and welded structures belt finishing

It allows the removal of welds in stainless steel and its subsequent polishing in stainless steel boxes or any other welded structure.

Smooth linear finishing
Smooth linear finishing

Consistent finishing of flat surfaces.

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LMD3100 – Long Belt Finishing Machine


Working capacity (Ø mm)3100x850x600
Abrasive belt dimensions (mm)9000x120
Abrasive belt speed (m/s)20
Main motor (kW)4
Total power (kW)5
Consumption (A)10
Dust extraction connection per head (Ø mm)120
Dimensions (mm)4600x1600x2000
Weight (kg)930



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