LMD 2500 2Z

2500mm table

2 abrasive belt stations

Twin long belt machine for metal sheets or welded structures weld grinding and finishing.


The LMD2500 2Z is a doublebelt finishing machine with a flexible abrasive belt that enables flat surface finishing, as well as corners or the edges of materials.  
The LMD has a 2500x850mm working table which makes it possible to finish large structures. Having 2 parallel abrasive belts allows weld grinding and belt polishing to be done faster by simply selecting which abrasive belt to work with.  
With the LMD2500, you move the table by motor and use the adaptability of the long belt together with several grinding tools to finish the areas you need. 


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Two standard tools
Two standard tools

The manual pad is ideal to adjust the welded edges to flex the abrasive belt and grind those areas. 

Long Belt Finishing Machines - LMD2500 2Z
Pneumatic tension system
Pneumatic tension system

Independent belt pneumatic tensioning system.

Long Belt Finishing Machines - LMD2500 2Z
Control panel
Control panel

The machine has a control panel at the center of the table, making it easy for the operator to adjust level of the table or the speed abrasive belt.  

Long Belt Finishing Machines - LMD2500 2Z
Boxes and welded structures belt finishin
Boxes and welded structures belt finishin

It allows for the removal of welds in stainless steel boxes and its subsequent polishing without replacing the abrasive.  

contact roller on long belt finishing machine
Large surfaces finishing
Large surfaces finishing

Due to the width of the table (2.5m), this machine allows for great flexibility in terms of the size of the parts it can handle.  

Smooth linear finishing
Smooth linear finishing

Consistent finishing of flat surfaces.

Interchangeable finishing tools
Interchangeable finishing tools

Single carrier in counterweight system with an easy clamping to use the flat finishing tool or the contact roller. 

Flexible Deburring/Edge rounding station
Flexible Deburring/Edge rounding station

The Deburring/Edge rounding station enables an easy interchange between grinding discs, scotch pads and deburring/edge rounding brushes. 

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LMD2500 2Z – Long Belt Finishing Machine


LMD2500 2Z
Working capacity (Ø mm)2500x1100x710
Abrasive belt dimensions (mm)(2x) 120x8500
Abrasive belt speed (m/s)10-30
Main motor (kW)4
Total power (kW)5
Consumption (A)9
Dust extraction connection per head (Ø mm)250
Dimensions (mm)4300x2220x2005
Weight (kg)1200



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