Up to 2,2 kW

Dry operation

Dust Extractor with filtering efficiency of 99,9%.


The AS200 dust extractor is the best solution for a cleaner environment.

The system is perfect to prevent the release of dust to the air by having a closed system.

This extractor has an automatic system to clean the filters with compressed air.

It is the best solution to connect a machine to an extractor and also to use the hose to clean the working place.


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Dust extractors
Controlled dust extraction
Controlled dust extraction

The well isolated extractor allows that almost no dust escape. This new system gives a much cleaner environment than other models.

dust extractor
Automatic cleaning
Automatic cleaning

The dust extractor uses two filters that are automatic cleaned by compressed air. The extractor uses a timer to program each cleaning process.

Dust Extractors - AS200
Spark extinguisher
Spark extinguisher

AS200 extractor has an internal system that enable to extinguish sparks. The sparks pass through a process which includes water in order to extinguish it.

dust extractor cleaner workplace manual system
Manual cleaning hose
Manual cleaning hose

The dust extractor can be used manually to clean other parts of the machine. The hose that is included with this dust extractor is perfect to clean the machine at the end of the day or the working place.

Dust Extractors - AS200
Extraction capacity
Extraction capacity

The dust extractor has 2 exits, each one with 150mm of diameter each. The extraction capacity is 2280 m3/h.


Motor (kW)2,2
Nominal air flow (m3/h)2280
Fan (Ø mm)355
Noise level (dB)74
Cartridges (Ø mm)(2x) Ø325x400
Dimensions (mm)955x750x1450
Weight (kg)170



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