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NS Máquinas is a manufacturer of machines for the metal finishing, deburring and polishing industry. Located in Portugal, NS Máquinas is able to create and offer machines which combine quality and adequacy for diverse production requirements. Know more about our complete program: Round Tube Polishing Machines, Flat Bar and Rectangular Tube Finishing Machines, Deburring and Edge Rounding Machines, Long Belt Finishing Machines and Polishing Machines.

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  • DM1100 2C

    DM1100 2C

    Double Side Edge rounding up to 1100mm


    Ideal for double side edge rounding of light burrs up to 1100mm working width.

  • MLA25 2Z

    MLA25 2Z

    Max Ø 25mm In Line Wire Finishing Machine 2 stations


    Special machine for wire finishing up to Ø25mm.

  • MP100


    Max Ø 114mm Straight and curved tubes Round Tubes


    Straight and curved round tubes mirror polishing up to Ø114 with maximum flexibility and consistency.

  • DM1350 ZC

    DM1350 ZC

    Deburring and edge rounding  up to 1350mm


    Deburring and edge rounding of metal cut parts up to 1350mm width.

  • DM1100 ZCK

    DM1100 ZCK

    Deburring, edge rounding and finishing  up to 1100mm


    Deburring, edge rounding and finishing of metal cut parts up to 1100mm width.

  • AS400


    Up to 4 kW Dry operation


    Dust Extractor with filtering efficiency of 99,9%.

  • DMW660 + DMW1100 Z

    DMW660 + DMW1100 Z

    Max width 1100mm Wet finishing 1-4 stations


    Large capacity for metal sheets wet finishing up to 660mm or 1100mm width.

  • AS200


    Up to 2,2 kW Dry operation


    Dust Extractor with filtering efficiency of 99,9%.

  • PC70 2P

    PC70 2P

    Max 60mm Straight tubes Round and Square Tubes


    Round, square and rectangular mirror polishing up to 60mm with premium quality.

  • ML100 Z

    ML100 Z

    Max Ø 114mm Straight tubes 2 or 3 stations


    Quality and productivity: straight tubes multiple stations finishing up to Ø114mm.

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The models shown above are suggestions for a first approach to the application you are searching. A more detailed study of the technical details of each model is always recommended.

NS Máquinas

NS Máquinas